Tuesday, February 5, 2013

foul language is our day to day language

so here it is .."are you a f**king idiot or what?",  I mean I odn't know about you but that was one of those sentences that had hte ability to take me from 0-10 in my anger levels in a matter of under 3-4 seconds! I find it quite remarkable that a man of quite good intellect, good experience, and good integrity overall thinks it is ok to throw that verbal remark and the young woman next to him in the driving seat. No matter how much I try to calm my inner voice down that sentence still rings out loud in mye ar. I mean seriously does he think he has the divine right to speak to anyone like that or is it that cockyness of thinking that his position is secure enough that he can talk like that and have no retribution- I odn't know but with the head still reeling the claws were fighting back hard not to come out and verbally anialiate!

I am keen to know are these sudden outbursts or acceptable foul language swings acceptable in every day life? Have we all become so comfy with each other now that its ok to chuck this kind of sewer language out at each other? I mean I'm curious where does this come from- have we developed an acceptable situation between Men and Women where we forgot to correct or mention the "hey - do not speak to me like that- i don't accept being spoken to like that". I got the silent treatment after I said that however I didn't care too much. I was quite happy having said my immediate reaction to such a terrible sentence.

So I ask you ladies out there- what the hell is going on that this has become everyday man to woman speak?Are you accepting this- are you speaking to the man beside you in this way- are we as a gender setting a new ground rule that brings our communications into such a bad state of verbal diarrhoea! I ask you becuase it doesn't stem from nowhere- somewhere this bad agressive speak has been lurking ready to junp out. Have you helped it to develop! If you don't like it you best say it and don't allow a pattern fester between men and women where this becomes the ok everyday..because for osme it certainly is not.

What are your thoughts?